Kitchen Essentials


With so little space, every item in a tiny kitchen needs to be as compact as possible, but still do its job well.  Ditch the camping cookware and explore the best choices for setting up your tiny kitchen in this five-part series on tiny kitchen essentials.

Baking Tips


If you have an RV oven in your kitchen, you have probably noticed how lousy of a job it does.  Follow these two simple tips to fix the most common problems with an RV oven, and a few extra ideas to make RV baking easy.

Salt, Pepper, spices

Salt Pepper Spices.jpg

When living tiny, it's important to make the most out of the things you have.  And if you're cooking for yourself, one of the best ways to get the most out of your food is with thoughtful use of salt, pepper, and spices.  Learn about the best ways to use and store salt and spices, and a few cooking tips to get more BAM for your buck.

Coffee Makers


The ideal coffee maker for a tiny off-grid small space is compact, lightweight, requires no electricity, creates minimal waste, and makes fantastic coffee.  We review the best coffee maker choices for tiny kitchens, and share a few more tips about making better coffee.

Life Without a Microwave


I don't have anything against a microwave, it just didn't make the cut.  Here’s how we live without a microwave, how we reheat our leftovers, why pizza is a special case, and a few ideas to use leftovers as an ingredient in new dishes.