I'll Have This Wallet Until I'm Dead

Back when I was still working a corporate sales job, I bought a lot of stuff.  We've since sold, donated, or given most of it away.

One of the very few items I hung on to was my wallet.  I've been embarrassed to admit how much I spent on it.  But as the years go by, it's gotten easier to come clean.  So, today, I will admit it to the world.

I, Dan Greatley, bought a $105 Architect's Wallet, on July 16, 2012.  Well, $95, plus $10 for shipping.

This year, 2018, will be my sixth year with my wallet.  Every year that passes, the feeling of having overspent subsides, as my amortized cost of pocket organization drops.  I'm at $1.59 per month and dropping.


The wallet itself is deceptively simple.  A folded piece of Chromexcel leather, saddle-stiched and riveted around a Fisher Space Pen, with a Moleskine Volant notebook tucked in the pocket.

In addition to holding my ID, bank cards, and a Flying Dog growler fill punch card, my wallet is a place to jot down my ideas, sketches, and shopping lists.  I use it during my carpentry projects to plan my designs.  I'll frequently pull it out in the middle of a conversation to make a note of a book or podcast suggestion.  I reach for it on my night stand to jot down my half-asleep ideas that sometimes hold up to a fully awake mind, but frequently don't.

This wallet is the perfect manifestation of my lifestyle goals in living tiny.  Wearing in, not wearing out.  Minimalist, but packed with utility.  Limited space that requires mindfulness toward what I put inside, but holds everything I need and some things I want.

No affiliate links here.  I just really like this wallet.  If you want to support Tiny Life Gear, click on the affiliate links that appear in a different article.

Check out the latest version at formfunctionform.  If you like the style with the rivet (pictured above), a friend of mine was able to purchase one as recently as January 2018 by adding "I'd prefer the style with the rivet" in his order comments.

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