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Solar for Tiny Houses

Harnessing the energy of the Sun is a great solution for small spaces, both on- and off-grid. But the best bang for your buck might not be where you think. Solar water heaters, passive solar heating, PV solar panels, and other solar gizmos for small spaces.

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Tips on Tiling

Tile can be used successfully in structures that move like tiny houses, RVs, and buses, but installing requires some extra care. Mobile structures can be hard on tile, so you need to choose the right tiles, adhesive and substrate, and plan your space to prevent damage to the tile.  Use these techniques to make sure your mobile tile installation lasts.

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Water Treatment for Off-Grid Tiny Homes

Treating your water in a tiny house or an RV has different challenges than in a sticks and bricks house.  The good news is that you can treat your water on a small scale using the same methods as household water treatment.  It's not hard, it's doesn't require a huge up-front investment, and the long-term cost of treating your water is almost always lower than not treating it at all.

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You Have a Dishwasher in THAT??

Lots of people scoff at the idea of using precious space in our tiny kitchen for a dishwasher, but it’s one of the more useful appliances in our kitchen. It saves a ton of water and work, we use it almost every day, and we have no trouble running it on our modest solar system.

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