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Choosing the Right Work

Before you start your search for remote work, you should take some time to understand what kind of work best fits your personality.  The right work will make you feel energized and excited.  If your work feels soul-crushing and emotionally draining, you're doing it wrong. Learn how to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and how to find work that plays to your strengths.

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24 Cent Shave Club

The razor blade business model is a cliche in the business world.  Give them the razor, sell them the blades.  Some clever folks over at dollar shave club caught on, and started a razor blade business of their own.  A dollar a pop sounds cheap.  But I have a better idea. 24 cent blades that are better than any cartridge blade on the market.

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Declaring Underwear Bankruptcy

Purging your underwear drawer can have big benefits for tiny lifers and nomads. Matched underwear packs smaller and sorts and folds faster, and the right underwear is comfortable, moisture wicking, fast-drying, and stylish. We’ll review the best underwear and sock choices for both men and women living tiny.

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Composting in Small Spaces

You can compost your food waste, even if you live in a small space, you’re nomadic, or live in the city. Learn about how we compost our food waste travelling full-time in a 27’ Airstream, and what options are available for you to fit composting into your own tiny space, no matter your lifestyle.

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Staying in Shape While Living Tiny

What if I told you there was a pill you could take that would make you healthier, improve your mood, and make you live longer?  It makes your clothes fit better, makes you physically and mentally stronger, and more physically attractive.  Here's the catch: It costs a tenth of your income. Would you pay that much for my miracle pill?

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