The Best T-Shirts for Tiny Living

I'm a simple man with a simple wardrobe.  But the simplest t-shirts don't cut it for tiny life.

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I started with three sets of t-shirts.  Premium cotton t-shirts for casual wear like the Merona tees from Target (now their brand is Goodfellow & Co), plain white tagless tees, and technical shirts for the gym like the Nike Pro-Cool shirt.

But soon after buying my cotton tee-shirts, they'd start to show signs of wear.  The fabric would pill, and the pits would start to get embarrassing deodorant stains.  And if cotton shirts get wet, they dry slowly, so the laundry can get musty in our small space.

Meanwhile, my Nike Pro-Cool gym shirt looks like the day I bought it after two years of regular wear.  It's comfortable, dries fast, packs small, and looks great.  But it's basically skin-tight spandex.  Not a look I can pull off in a casual setting.

What I need is a shirt that fits all my needs.  Packs small, dries fast, doesn't hold on to odors or deodorant stains, and doesn't make me look like I'm trying out to be a small town super hero.  Something I can wear to the gym, on a hike, or to the store.

Good news, there are tons of tech fabric tees available that pass as a normal casual shirt, but are made of the same kind of fabric as my favorite gym shirt.  They pack small, last a long time, are super comfortable, dry fast, and look great.  Tech tees make a great base layer, or stand on their own as a casual tee paired with jeans, but they also work very nicely for active wear.

There are a ton of options out there for this type of shirt.  You're looking for something that is made of polyester, polyester/spandex, or polyester/nylon/spandex.  But the weave of the fabric is as important as the material.  Look for words like "moisture-wicking," "quick-drying" and "tech."

I prefer no branding, or only subtle branding.  Somewhat fitted is good for my build, but skin-tight is not the style I'm going for.  I also want to see a relatively matte finish to the fabric -- shiny tech fabric looks too much like a gym shirt for casual wear.

Here's a few shirts to get you started, but this isn't even close to an exhaustive list:

Marmot conveyor shirt - Under Armor tech shirt - Adidas Training Essentials tech shirt - ASICS Everyday tech tee

Be sure to check athletic wear closeout websites like to grab deals on whatever tech tees they have available.  Even Target has tech tees.

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