Choosing the Right Work


Before you start your search for remote work, you should take some time to understand what kind of work best fits your personality.  Learn how to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and look for work that plays to your strengths.  The right work will make you feel energized and excited.  If your work feels soul-crushing and emotionally draining, you're doing it wrong. 

Finding a Remote Job


Remote jobs can offer the freedom to travel, or just to live in a remote area where a traditional commute isn't possible and the environment or cost of living is attractive.  Learn the best strategies for finding and landing a remote job.

Starting Your Own Business


Starting your own business isn't easy, but it can sometimes be a better option than traditional remote employment.  Even if you have a traditional job, starting a small side-business can provide financial freedom and an outlet for creativity that your 9-5 might not. 

Working Remotely


Congratulations, you've found a source of income that's location independent!  Learn about the strategies and gear you'll need to do your work remotely. 

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